Payment Method

1. In case the total sum of payment is over $1000(USD), please, be sure to contact our customer service to prevent payment failure.
2. Major credit cards are accepted: Visa, Visa Electron etc online payment

Privacy Payments

Payments on bank cards are executed through redirecting to ChronoPay payment system website (www.chronopay.com). ChronoPay system provides security of payments through using SSL protocol for transmitting confidential information from client to payment system server for further processing. Further information transmission is carried out via private bank networks of the highest degree of protection. Collection and processing of the received confidential data (card details, registration information, etc.) are executed in the processing center. To ensure your connection to the protected areas of Payment Processing websites is secure, look for either a 'closed lock' or an 'unbroken key' icon located at the bottom right hand side of your browser's task bar. You may also check the Address bar to determine if SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is active by looking at the beginning of the address. If it starts with "https" rather than the standard "http", then SSL is operating.

The following payments are also accepted: WESTERN UNION, WIRE TRANSFER
Which actions should I undertake, in case my credit card is declined during the order procedure? If you receive the message your credit card is declined during the order procedure, please, contact your bank. Our website bears no responsibility for such errors. It is your bank’s online authorization program problem. The reasons for credit card decline are numerous. Contact your bank, inquire about an online spending limit and ask for grant permission for the online transaction.

Reasons affecting your transaction failure:
  • Invalid address. Do not use signs and use only English letters.
  • Check expiration date.
  • Transaction failed. You’ve reached the maximum number of bad attempts.
  • Transaction is denied due to risk.
  • Your credit card number is invalid.
  • Bank declined the transaction.
  • The submitted checksum is invalid.
When the bank opens the access to your transaction procedures, do not hesitate to continue online shopping with us.

Creadit Card ( VISA/MASTER )

which can be in the form of VISA, MASTERCARD. If you choose this one as your payment option, an email (hermeshac@gmail.com) is required to contact us and we will offer you a help on more payment details. Email: hermeshac@gmail.com


Western Union is the most popular and fastest ways to execute transaction worldwide. If you wish to choose this service, fell free to use your credit card for transfers. Just visit http://www.westernunion.com and execute the procedure online.

Our WESTERN UNION Information:
The first name:Gui yin
The last name:Pan
The city: Guangzhou
The country: China

Please help to provide the following information to us by email hermeshac@gmail.com after you pay with Western Union in order we can check the payment.
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
Your First Name when filled with Western Union table
Your Last Name when filled with Western Union table
City & Country

Bank Wire Transfer (T/T)

If you choose a bank transfer, you should visit your bank office and ask them to transfer the necessary amount. You also can log into your online banking and execute an international bank transfer. Wire transfer charges 3% off your total order. The transfer details will be e-mailed to you. Wire transfers are often used while absence of credit cards. Our website usually receives domestic wire transfers the same business day; international wire transfers about three to seven business days to process. If you do not receive a confirmation of a transfer within the period, be sure to contact us. When we receive the payment, we immediately ship the order. If you are executing an international wire transfer, be sure to pay all necessary fees. Contact us in case you wish to pay with a wire transfer.

We are decidedly against fraud. In case we receive a bogus order, we immediately notify cardholder, credit card company, and cooperate with authorities to prosecute anyone attempting to use stolen credit cards for online shopping. Local police in an intermediate area will receive an immediate notification of any fraudulent order. The offenders will be prosecuted.
In case you still have any questions as for payment procedure, do not hesitate to e-mail us via hermeshac@gmail.com .